Monday, December 31, 2007

PIF Exchange

In my last post I included a picture of a nice gift I received as part of the PIF Exchange from Marie. The best part of this exchange is the honor of sending 5 other individuals similar types of gifts. The first 5 individuals that leave a comment stating that she/he would like to join will receive a handmade item from me. Similar to Marie's guidelines, I can't promise an exact item or time, but promise that the gift will be top quality hand-made and that you will receive it in the next year. The other stipulation is that you post a similar exchange on your blog promising to send 5 individuals a gift. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? This will keep me in the Christmas spirit for even longer since I will have gifts to make and send to different people. Just leave a comment and I will contact you via e-mail to get your mailing information. Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A finish and a wonderful gift received...

Merry Christmas! I am really enjoying this Christmas season. I spent yesterday taking care of my two nephews so that my mother and sister could do their Christmas shopping. The two boys are a handful, but they can be so cute. Anyway, I finished the Mill Hill piece I have been working on. It is really cute. I have a frame for it and plan to finish it later today.

Also, I received the most wonderful gift today from Marie. Earlier this year I signed up for her PIF exchange. My next post will have more information about that. She sent me the most lovely pincushion with scissors and angel ornament. She is very talented and very thoughtful. I enjoy visiting her blog. Thank you so much, Marie. I truly love my gift.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Lisha!!

My very good friend, Lisha, celebrated her birthday on December 3rd. We got together the day before for some crafting and I was so excited to give Lisha her present. She loves puppies (she has three very cute, big "puppies"), so I was excited to find the LHN Dog Sampler at Shakespeare's Peddler earlier this year. I stitched it up and finished it as a project box.

I used the tutorial on Vonna's page to complete the box. Isn't it just great? I love the idea of the pinkeep in the top of the box. After completing the box, I had to add some goodies, so I picked up some Mary Arden needles (which Lisha loves) and fabric at Shakespeare's Peddler (Thanks, Theresa for the help). I also found a cute pair of blue scissors that matched the box perfectly. I was so happy to see that Lisha enjoyed the present.

Of course, I need to get to work on other projects now. I have been in sort of a slump. I stitched like a crazy woman over the Thanksgiving holidays, but I haven't had the time to do much since then. I finished the semester yesterday, so I should have more time, especially since the textbook work is pretty much caught up for the holidays. I have one meeting next week about a potential research project collaboration, but otherwise I have the next three weeks for rest and relaxation. I hope to stitch a lot in these next few weeks.

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments on my last post. I appreciate everyone taking the time to visit my blog. Merry Christmas!!