Friday, August 14, 2009

I really did try to update my blog...

but for some reason, I couldn't upload pictures earlier this week. That's OK though because I have a finish to share and some new projects. First, the scarecrow is finished. He is really cute. I have to admit that I did not enjoy stitching him though. These older patterns just have too many color changes.

I have made some good progress on Nicholas's stocking. Can you see Santa's legs? Again, this is an older pattern from Leisure Arts, so there are constant color changes. Once I finish the last branch of holly leaves I think it will be a lot easier to stitch. I love the pattern on this fabric though.

My new projects include the LK Boo Club. I love this series of pattern!!! Each pattern stitches up very quickly and it is so easy to stitch. Can't wait to finish this one.

And my last project is the Blackbird Designs Moonlit Garden. Again, this is a pattern that I think is just really cute. I love the checkerboard pattern house. This is a lot of fun to stitch and seems to be moving along pretty quickly.

I got up early this morning, got the boys off to school, did a quick grocery shopping trip to a local store, and headed to the office this morning (all before 9 a.m.). The textbook is moving right along and I had two chapters on my desk to review and send back to the publishers. One was due next week and the other at the end of the month, BUT I decided to work really hard and get both ready to mail today. Mission accomplished. I dropped them off at FedEx on the way home. And finally, I had to prep some for a project that we are starting next week. We were able to get everything ready and before noon. SO, since I was so productive at work, I can spend the entire weekend stitching and stitching and stitching...

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wednesday Update...

Since I have kind of let my blog slip this summer, I have decided to be a bit more active and post progress pictures of my stitching more often. I may not post every day, but I will try to be better. Yesterday was a big day stitching-wise since I finished the Shakespeare's Peddler sampler (see last post for picture) I had been working on for some time. I also stitched on an old pattern I have had lying around since 1995 (the same year my now 9th grader was born). This little scarecrow is quite cute. I know, it is a bit old-fashioned since I am stitching it on aida, but I really like it. I only need to finish dressing the poor guy (shoes and hat) and he will be done. I watched "Becoming Jane" while I stitched on this one yesterday. I love that movie.

Today I will stitch on Nicholas's stocking. I bought the fabric for this project in Feb. 2008. Last year I finished one of the stockings for Patrick, just in time for Christmas. This Christmas, Nicholas's stocking will be completed. I haven't made much progress, but the leaves are the hardest part for me (lots of color changes). I have just a few more branches and then I can stitch Santa (my favorite part). My rotation includes two days of stitching on the stocking, so I will post an update photo on Friday.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

July was a very busy month, stitchingwise...

At the beginning of the summer break I decided to limit my new stash purchases until I had finished some of the UFOs in my craft basket. I had several projects that have been hanging around for some time. I have a bad habit of thinking I have to do things even if I don't like them anymore. So, my original list including 17 projects. Sharon was visiting me last week and we were looking at all of my projects and she asked me if I really liked all of them. When I admitted that I didn't like a couple of them she convinced me that I didn't have to stitch them. What a relief!

So, I did finish several projects this past month. I am most happy about finishing SP A Weary World Rejoices. It was a slow start, but once I got accustomed to the smaller thread count of the fabric, I was able to finish it. I actually finished the date this morning.

I also completed the three Summer Bungalows from CCN. These are really cute and were very easy to stitch. I have big plans for finishing these.

LHN Winter Wonderland had been forgotten in my stitching basket for quite a while. I pulled it out and was able to finish this one in about a week. I love it. I think the fabric is perfect.

I also finished this JBW Christmas tree. I only had the border to complete, but had run out of floss and couldn't remember what I had used. Marie sent me a skein of Victorian Sampler thread that was a perfect match. Thanks, Marie. This will be finished as an ornament for my tree.

The boys go back to school at the end of the week. Next week is a free week for me. Classes do not resume until the 17th at USM, so I have a bit of free time to enjoy. Of course, I need to prep for the fall semester (I am teaching a new course and using a different textbook in my other classes this semester). But I planned to enjoy my time off.

I have several projects kitted up and ready to go. Hopefully, this month will be another productive stitching month for me.