Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Tigerlily" by Nora Corbett is complete!!!

I finished this afternoon!! Isn't she beautiful? This was a very easy piece to stitch. She will be framed and hung in my craft room along with Midsummer Night's Fairy that I stitched earlier. I just need to take the time to find the right frames.

I am starting the new Lizzie Kate Christmas Double Flip-Its tonight. I have all but one of the threads and a piece of fabric that is perfect. Lisha and I are doing this as a stitch along, just like the Tigerlily piece. I have to get started so I can stitch it before she does. She is a very good motivation for stitching.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have some progress to share...

I finally feel like I have had some time to stitch. This summer is passing so quickly and I have so much going on with work that I don't feel like I have enough stitching time. I spent Saturday afternoon at Lisha's house stitching and that got me motivated. I stitched on Tigerlily some on Sunday as well as yesterday, so I have made quite a bit of progress. Just a little bit more on her head and then her wings and this one is finished.

Also, Saturday morning I got out JDD Pomegranate and Pears. This one is so pretty. I love the colors. This one will take a bit longer to finish since the remaining portion requires a little more concentration on my part to stitch one over one. I think I will finish this as a box.

I have also worked on Blackbird Designs Union Forever. This one is actually very easy, but I only stitch on it every now and then. I just love the colors though. Can't wait to finish it.

And finally, a finish. I completed the stitching on J is for Juggler (Victorian Sampler) this past weekend. I still need to finish the hemstitching, but I need to get the bell pulls first. This was another fun one to stitch. I bought the thread pack so I wouldn't invest so much into all of the silks, etc. Even though it cost me $30 it was a savings, since I do not have any of the threads called for in the pattern. Even with me stitching the entire pattern, I still have enough thread left to almost complete it again. I only used up one of the threads. If anyone is interested in stitching this, let me know and we can work out a trade for the pattern and threads. Just e-mail me at jlregan at bellsouth dot com.