Sunday, January 27, 2008

Updates and two finishes

I have a couple of finishes to share first. Last week I completed the "F" in the Erica Michaels Alphabet Series. I also did the outline stitching and Kloster Blocks for the page finishing. I didn't finish the page because I needed fusible interfacing. Picked some up at Wal-Mart, but haven't finished it still.

This weekend I finished the "G" in the same series. Petra had posted a comment thanking me for enabling her. You are going to love working on this series. I will take the blame for enabling you to work on this series. I love that I can choose from my existing stash of fabrics and mix and match the threads to come up with my own take on each block. I think the book will be really pretty once I finish. I can't wait to see how your pages look either Petra.

I have also made some great progress on Midsummer Night's Fairy. I have just a bit more on her skirt and then finish the upper portion. After I finish the stitching, then it is on to the beading. She is so beautiful.

Finally, I have worked some on "Achoo" for my son, Nicholas. You can see the puppy's face, finally. This one is coming along quite well, considering I only stitch on it one day a week. Very easy piece.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. Everyone is so sweet and encouraging.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Progress pictures...

As I promised, here are a few of the projects I am currently working on and the wonderful Christmas present I received from Lisha.

The fairy is coming along wonderfully. I am more than halfway through the stitching, but I haven't started the beading. I just love this piece though. The fabric is perfect. Can't wait to finish her.

This is the next block in the Erica Michael's alphabet series. These stitch up so quickly. I just need to finish the four-sided stitching around the fox and the stitch name at the bottom. Very cute.

Finally, this is my present from Lisha. Two Mill Hill Santa booklets plus several of the treasures needed to start one of the projects. Thank you, Lisha. I love my present.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pictureless Update, but I promise I'll do better next time...

A certain person, who will remain nameless, made a comment about the lack of posts from me. I have been somewhat busy with the start of a new semester. But that isn't the main reason for my lack of posts. For some reason I took my camera to work with me and forgot it. So, I don't have any pictures to post. I remembered to bring it home, but the batteries are dead. They will be recharged tomorrow and I promise to have some progress pictures available.

Like many of you out there in stitching blog world, I was so happy to see Becky return to blogging. She is such an amazing stitcher and boy is she fast. She has shared so many beautiful pieces over the past few days I have seriously thought about staying up all night and stitching. But, of course, I am too lazy for that. Thank you, Becky! You are such an inspiration. I say that all the time about Becky, but she does just motivate me to stitch.

This weekend I spent Saturday afternoon stitching with my older sister, Sharon. We watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Very cute, especially Johnny Depp. On Sunday, I spent time stitching with my younger sister, Bridget, and our friend, nameless, (oops) I meant Lisha. I forced them to watch Jane Eyre. I was able to make a lot of progress and I will share that with you tomorrow.

Well, I need to call it a night. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Check back tomorrow for some pictures.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Finish of 2008

Okay, it was an easy finish, but it is a finish. Today is my last day of my Christmas vacation. Back to school tomorrow. Well, actually, I have to help students with registration tomorrow. Classes actually begin on Monday. So, since today was very cold (at least for a Southerner it was cold) I was very lazy. Stitching and watching TV. I am going to start the next one in the series, but probably will not be able to finish for awhile. I changed up the colors a bit to make the letters a little more interesting. I think it is very cute.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!! We had a wonderful day today. We spent most of the day at my parents' home eating and visiting with family. The kids were pretty good, so the day was mostly enjoyable.

One of the things I love to read on others blogs is the list of goals, so I have my goals for 2008.

1. Finish the projects in my rotation.
a. Mirabilia Midsummer Night's Fairy (progress picture above)
b. Achoo!
c. Heart's Content Colonial Welcome (progress picture above)

2. Complete the entire Erica Michael Alphabet Series and finish the sampler book. I have stitched A, B, C, and D already. I have the instructions for finishing the sampler book, now I just need to get stitching.

3. Complete TW "The Guardian" twice. I found these kits at Hobby Lobby this past year and promised them to my boys.

4. Finish the eagle in flight piece I started for my older brother.

5. Finish at least three of the Wee Beasties kits I purchased this year.

I don't think I can hold to the 10 Project challenge, but I do not plan on spending as much money on new projects this year. I have over 60 pieces of beautiful fabric, a complete set of DMC and plenty of other fibers. I also have over 20 kits and loads of patterns. I should be able to stitch from my stash almost exclusively. Almost is the the important word there. I am going to limit myself more this year.

Also, just a reminder that I am looking for two more people to participate in the PIF exchange. Becky K, Sharon C, and Hannah have already signed up. If you are interested in joining, the information is in the December 31st post.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive 2008.