Saturday, December 18, 2010

It is not all my fault...

Ok. I know I haven't posted in a very long time, but it is not my fault entirely. I think part of blame belongs to Theresa. She forced me to adopt a kitten from our local shelter. Well, actually, she sent a link to the cutest kitten picture ever and baited me into going by the shelter. When I got there, this adorable kitten acted as if she had been waiting on me for a long time and was so ready to go home. Needless to say, she is now a member of the Regan family. She is just too cute, but she prevents me from cross stitching. She wants all of my attention, so I have to hold her and pet her instead of stitching. I am sure you all understand.

This is another project that has taken me away from my cross stitching. Isn't it too cute? A group of us decided to get together one Saturday and work on this little quilt together. Each of us would make our own, but at least the peer pressure would get us closer to finishing than if we were working alone. Great plan, but it didn't work. I finished mine this morning and just love it. Not sure if Sharon, Bridget, or Mari are finished, but I am sure Lisha will finish soon.

Here are two update photos. I have been slowly working on LK ABC Christmas. Maybe I will finish this before the end of the year. Maybe. Also, I have been stitching on the Quaker Christmas for a while and finally feel like I am making some headway. It will definitely be a 2011 goal.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!