Sunday, April 20, 2008

A long and sad week...

The semester is finally coming to a close, just two more weeks of classes and one week of exams. I am so ready for this summer. This week was especially exhausting. I have been really busy with classes, writing and preparing for several projects I will be working on this summer, but the week hit a really sad note on Wednesday. When I got home that afternoon I found Felisca, our 18 year-old Siamese, in a very bad way. She was not able to walk far without falling down and then had a hard time getting back up. She was diagnosed a few years ago with a thyroid tumor after she suddenly became the most voracious eater. She couldn't get enough to eat. The vet didn't think she would last 6 months, but she did. She lived another 2 1/2 years. Earlier this month we noticed that she was really losing weight and having a harder time getting around, but she seemed to be comfortable. Unfortunately, that all changed this week. She was so pitiful. My two sons and I took her to the vet so she wouldn't have to suffer anymore. It broke my heart. My husband gave Felisca to me as a birthday present before we were married. She was our first "baby". She has traveled all over the place as we moved around for college and graduate school. She was a beautiful cat. You can see that in the picture above. Many of the students I have taught over the past 10 years remember me talking about her in genetics class. She was also a topic in my anatomy and physiology classes when we discussed the endocrine system. I know that I did the right thing, but it still makes me sad. I really thought I was prepared for this event since she was so old and her health was failing, but I wasn't. I will miss her so much.

On a less somber note, Mylene brightened my week by sending me a beautiful pinkeep exchange. I love the pinkeep. She did a wonderful job stitching and finishing it. And she also included some wonderful goodies. Thanks, Mylene, I really love the exchange.

Finally, I finished most of the Misummer Night Fairy. I worked on this one piece this week and was able to finish all of the first page. The backstitching and beadwork are complete. I only have to stitch her head and the top part of her wings. So close...

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Long overdue update...

Things have been very crazy for the past couple of weeks. I had a business trip that was less than enjoyable. After returning home, I have been sick for the past week. I had one of the busiest weeks of the year this same week, so to say the least, I am tired. I haven't had much time for stitching, but I did finish one project and finished a couple of pinkeeps.

The first photo is of a square I stitched for Cole's Quilts. This is such a wonderful project. The squares are used to make quilts for sick children. The kids are so cute.

The second photo is of a pinkeep I made using the Earth Day squares I received from Amy from the Fair and Square Exchange. This is my second set of squares with this group. Amy stitched some beautiful squares and I love the pinkeep.

The last photo is of the Daisy square I stitched last month. I finished it as a pinkeep also. Very cute.

I have several projects that just need to be finished. I have sort of stalled in my rotation, but hopefully will get going again. I hope to have some progress pictures later this week.

Thanks for stopping by.