Thursday, July 01, 2010

Stitching like a mad woman....

OK! I am determined to complete some of these patterns that I have collected over the past three years. I sat down the other night and pulled out several "simple" projects and kitted them. So, this actually got me in a very stitchy mood. I have completed CCN Daisy Sampler. Love the colors on the fabric. This is a super easy pattern to stitch and really cute.

I also finished LK Hocus Pocus. I borrowed the pattern from a friend. I found a scrap of linen in a basket in my craft room and thought it would be perfect. I love the colors and can't wait to add this to my Halloween decorations this year.

Next, I worked on a project using the SamSarah Baubles alphabet series. Theresa came up with the great idea of stitching these as a long sampler or bell pull. I loved the idea and decided to copy her. I have a nice start and since these stitch so quickly, it shouldn't take me long to finish.

I have had this LK Garden Sampler pattern for quite a while and I am not sure why it has taken me so long to stitch it. It was very easy and lots of fun. I just love the colors. This is going to be a gift for my mother. She and my father are major gardeners, so she will appreciate the little sampler.

I also worked on the Quaker Christmas Sampler. I have actually finished one of the six pages of the pattern, so I have stitched even more than what is in the picture. Funny thing is that I stitched while Hobbie and I watched the last four episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender (don't ask why, just know that sometimes it is nice to watch what your husband wants to watch). Anyway, now every time I look at this piece I think of that little Airbender!!

I still have lots of little patterns to work on. Currently, I am stitching on RTR Happy Camper and another Halloween sampler. Hopefully, I will have progress pictures to share in a few days.

Have a great Independence Day holiday and thanks for stopping by!!