Sunday, April 29, 2007

What Happens at Grandma's...

I have finished a piece finally. I feel like I haven't been very productive in my crafting lately. My textbook writing has been taking alot of my time. But I was able to complete a really cute piece for my mother for Mother's Day. This is so appropriate for her. My boys love to visit Grandma's because they can eat anything they want.

I have also worked a bit on the projects in my rotation. I am so very close to finishing O Starry Night. Just a bit more work and he is done.

I have also worked on Gingerbread Village. This one seems to be taking so long. The beading is what is slowing me down. I have just a little bit left on the middle house and then one more house to go. It is going to be so pretty when I am finished though. I can't wait to display at Christmas this year.

And finally, I have started a square for Cole's Quilts. I am stitching for a very young little boy. I decided on this really cute Pooh pattern. Instead of using it as a clock face, I will just omit the numbers and complete it as a square for the quilt. I am really excited about this one.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

My prize package came in...

My package from Silkweaver came in yesterday. I am so happy!! Lots of beautiful fabrics. Each one is 13 X 18 piece of 28 ct. Cashel Linen. I have to decide what to do with each one, but I have plenty of time for that. I also received my FOTM club fabric from Silkweaver (not pictured) the same day. I really enjoy this club. Each month I receive a beautiful selection of fabrics. I have always selected the Surprise me package and have never been disappointed.

I had planned to post my WIPs earlier this week but haven't had the chance. Here is the progress on the only one I have been able to stitch on. This is Leisure Arts O, Starry Night. I am more than half way with this one. I hope to have him finished in the next week or two. I have also decided to skip the Cat Welcome for a couple of weeks. I really do not enjoy working on it, so I'm going to ignore it on purpose.

Finally, I have decided to volunteer to stitch a square for a Cole's quilt. I read about this on the 123 stitch message board and spent one evening reading about the project and crying alot. I am so blessed with two healthy boys and two healthy nephews. It breaks my heart that these families have to suffer such a heartbreak. I have taught genetics at the university for years and one of the things I stress to my students is the heartbreak of knowing why someone is ill but not having the ability to fix it. I want to do something for these families and would love to help, so I sent a message to the moderator of the project asking for the chance to stitch a square for one of the children. It's such a little thing, but I hope it will make someone feel happy.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Goals for April

I am having a bit of trouble clearing out my rotation, so I have decided to try Leslie's approach and set goals for the month. Hopefully, this will help me work a little harder. Of course, we have just ramped up the work on the textbook, so that is taking away some of my stitching time. Here are my goals for April:

1. Finish O, Starry Night
2. Finish Cat Welcome (I am really struggling with this one.)
3. Stitch on MH Gingerbread Village
4. Stitch on PV Sweet Violets
5. Stitch two of the Erica Michaels Letters
6. Complete my section of the RR pieces
7. Start Tucker's pillow
8. Start TW pieces for Patrick and Nicholas (my boys).

That is not an extremely long list, but it is quite ambitious for me. Let's see how well I do on this first month.

Thanks for the comments on my nephew and his pillow. He is a cutie! I am starting a new piece for my other nephew. I found one of the dinosaurs from the same designer and will make it into a pillow for Tucker.

Also, while shopping at Hobby Lobby I found two TW kits of a dragon and castle. These are perfect for my two boys. I am going to start these this month. Both Patrick and Nicholas are excited about these projects.

I'll try to post update pictures of my current WIPs tomorrow. Thanks for reading.