Friday, March 12, 2010

Christmasland is completed..

One more down, oh so many to go. I have been a bit slow the past week with my stitching. In my mind I was whining about not stitching fast enough and would get discouraged and just not stitch. Fortunately, I broke through my own brattiness and finished RTRD Christmasland yesterday afternoon. I just love this piece. I'm not sure if the fabric choice was the best since the white doesn't stand out as much as I like, but I do like the sparkly aspect. It is pretty!!

I also pulled out one of my new patterns from last months spending spree. This is Blackbird Designs Bluebird. I used a piece of 40 ct. linen left over from one of the Jenny Bean samplers. I also used thread I had purchased from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. It is a bit lighter than what the pattern calls for, but I like the look. I will finish this as a pin pillow.

It is so nice to finish some of these patterns, but I have so many more to do. AND, I stopped by Shakespeare's Peddler yesterday. Several new patterns arrived plus her store is chock full of other wonderful projects. Thankfully, I maintained self control and didn't purchase anything (this time). Next month, though, boy do I have some spending plans...

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Yule Game Board is complete...

Yippee!! Another finish for me. I love this piece. The colors are really nice and the stitching was actually very easy. Can't wait to see this framed. Now, I need to stitch on some other projects.

Have a great week.