Monday, July 20, 2009

Not a lot of stitching to share...

Well, I haven't stitched as much as I wanted this week. I have one finish to share though. This is another silk gauze piece from my stash. I really, really like these projects. They are so cute and quite easy to do. Theresa has almost convinced me to stitch one of my stash patterns on silk gauze (she sells the gauze at her store). Maybe after I have finished my stash purge I will try a small project.

Speaking of my stash purge. I mentioned in my last post that I have sworn off buying any more stitching stash until I complete the 17 current projects I have in my "to do" basket. Well, at present, I have 6 projects underway (CCN Summer Bungalows, A Weary World Rejoices, Nicholas's stocking, LHN Winter Wonderland, JBW Christmas Tree, Scarecrow from an old magazine). The CCN project and JBW project are almost complete. I should have those done this week. I have also completed two other projects from the list and given them to my sister, Sharon as a PIF gift and an ornament exchange. I don't have pictures to share though. That leaves just 9 projects to go.

By the way, we went to the beach this past Monday and had a great time. If you are ever on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, consider catching the ferry to Ship Island. It was a fun trip and a beautiful beach.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I have been very busy...

The summer is just flying by. I am teaching two classes this summer, so that is taking up some of my time. The textbook is also eating up a lot of my free time. BUT, I have found time to work on some of my existing stash. Last weekend I went through all of my patterns and kits and discovered I had 17 projects that were either started or kitted. What an eye opener. I need to avoid the stitching store for a while. Since our budget is tighter in the summer I made a Summer resolution to not purchase any new patterns until I have completed these 17. (I still have lots of other patterns in addition to these, but they aren't kitted, so I don't feel as guilty about those.) Fortunately, most are pretty simple. I have actually completed several.

The first photo is of a silk gauze Christmas tree. I purchase the kit at Hobby Lobby when they were clearing out all of the stitching kits. Talk about tedious work. That is quarter next to the stitched piece! Glad I got this one out of the way before the eyes get any worse.

This is another CCN pattern (Summer Bungalows). I love here patterns. I'm not sure if I like it on this fabric as much as I thought I would, but it is still cute. Plan to finish this as a needlework case.

I forgot to take pictures of my other two finishes. I completed LK January Flip It last night. This will be finished as an ornament for my sister, Sharon. Also, I stitched the Silver Needle Witch Way kit for Sharon also. I am very late completing some PIFs and this is one of them.

As I finish these projects, I am posting the patterns on my wishlist page. If you see something you like, check out that page. The link is in the sidebar.

Have a great week.