Monday, April 02, 2007

Goals for April

I am having a bit of trouble clearing out my rotation, so I have decided to try Leslie's approach and set goals for the month. Hopefully, this will help me work a little harder. Of course, we have just ramped up the work on the textbook, so that is taking away some of my stitching time. Here are my goals for April:

1. Finish O, Starry Night
2. Finish Cat Welcome (I am really struggling with this one.)
3. Stitch on MH Gingerbread Village
4. Stitch on PV Sweet Violets
5. Stitch two of the Erica Michaels Letters
6. Complete my section of the RR pieces
7. Start Tucker's pillow
8. Start TW pieces for Patrick and Nicholas (my boys).

That is not an extremely long list, but it is quite ambitious for me. Let's see how well I do on this first month.

Thanks for the comments on my nephew and his pillow. He is a cutie! I am starting a new piece for my other nephew. I found one of the dinosaurs from the same designer and will make it into a pillow for Tucker.

Also, while shopping at Hobby Lobby I found two TW kits of a dragon and castle. These are perfect for my two boys. I am going to start these this month. Both Patrick and Nicholas are excited about these projects.

I'll try to post update pictures of my current WIPs tomorrow. Thanks for reading.