Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm home... and received my May SS...

Well, I am home from a week's stay in San Diego, California. It was a wonderful trip, but it is so good to be home with my boys. I also was so happy to receive my wonderful package for the May SS exchange from Judy. She sent me some really nice items. I can't wait to stitch the LK Christmas pattern. I also am excited about using the different threads that she sent. Thank you, Judy.

Also, I was happy to get home to read everyone's blogs. I didn't take any stitching with me because I knew there wasn't any time. I was going through major withdrawals. I really needed some inspiration to get me going again. Becky always has the ability to awe and inspire me with her creativity. Other blogs that frequently visited (list to the right) also had many wonderful projects to show and inspire. Thanks ladies. Hopefully, I will have some stitching pictures to show later in the week.


BeckySC said...

Welcome home Jen :)
Nice exchange you received :)
I hope you find some stitching time soon :) :)
Have a good week!

Marie-P said...

Oh, how daring of you to leave home without a stitching project! I am not too sure that I could EVER do that :-D. I spend more time packing my "stitching" bag than I do suitcase. LOL

Are you making uo for lost time?