Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Silly Project...

A while back I saw someone post about her "ort jar". She kept all of her thread clippings for the year and started over each January. Well, I thought that would be fun, so I started my own "ort tin". Here are the results, with a few threads from the past few days. I really packed the thread down into the tin over the year to make everything fit. It is amazing how much thread is in that little mass. Well, the tin is empty and ready for a new year.

By the way, all but the Christmas fairy pattern are still available. Check out my last post for a picture of some patterns I have up for trade. If you don't have anything to trade, e-mail me anyway.

Happy Stitching!!!



Vonna said...

Dani does that too :)
I started last year...but I then used my ort jar as a trash can for kleenex, wrappers, etc. got tossed WAYYYY before Jan. 1 and frequently too :)

Marie-P said...

Will you be saving all of that thread and putting out for the birds during nesting season? :)
Thanks Jen for the wonderful pattern, not too sure when I will start it. I have the Halloween Fairy in progress now. I did mail out your pattern, you should get it soon.

Smily said...

Hi! Maybe it will be interesting for you, there is s special SaL for those who keep all the threads. :) - here