Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Challenge Updates

Okay, so I have 4 days of 2011 behind me and I have made progress on the "assigned" projects for those days. Some of these projects are just so much fun to stitch that it seems like I am just breezing though, while others seem like stitches are going in but then disappearing some how. It doesn't feel like I am making any progress on those. Anyway, time for the updates:

Day two: New start is LK Green Flip It. I am stitching all 6 together for a piece to hang in my office. Since I am a biologist and I work at a university, I thought this would be a great piece for decorating a rather dull room. This one is a lot of fun to stitch, lots of pretty colors. I just love the bird. As for the old WIP: BBD Anniversaries of the Heart part 3. I am so close to finishing this one and I just love it. I decided to stitch the entire series on a piece of 40 ct. linen and it is just beautiful. My parents were married in March, so this square has their initials and the date of their wedding. Just a few more bricks and the door and windows to finish this one.

Day three: New start is The Primitive Needle Witches Hollow. This is a good example of one that is slow going. I am stitching this on a piece of 40 ct. linen that I received as a Christmas gift from my husband. I love the colors, but it took me several hours to just do this much of the owl. It may have something to do with the fact that my friend, Theresa, was over this day and I was talking more than stitching. As for the the old WIP: Cherished Stitches A Quaker Halloween Sampler is slow going as well. I love the colors and the fabric, but it is a slow stitch.

Day 4: New start is BBD Midnight Watch. I just love this piece. I am so happy that I have started it and hope to have it finished well before Halloween. It is just too pretty, in my opinion. I had to watch my two nephews today, so I didn't have as much stitching time. But I did get the top border complete, so that makes me happy. The old WIP is Blue Ribbon Designs Afraid of the Dark. This is another one that is slow going, for now. I am working on the boxes, which is a bit boring, but next time I pick it up I am going to stitch the pumpkin and cat in the orange box. Can't wait... (Notice the kitten paw in the lower right hand corner.)

Today, I will start on Victoria Samplers Gingerbread Stitching House. It actually calls for lots of different silks, but I am substituted from my stash. This one will take a long time, but it is going to be too cute when I finish. The old WIP is Bent Creek Halloween The Branch. Hopefully this one will stitch up pretty quickly.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a great day.