Sunday, March 06, 2011

A few updates to share...

Wow, have a been busy lately. Both in my stitching activities and everything else. Fortunately, this is the first day of my Spring Break and I have plans to get quite a bit finished. But first, let's update...

This past week I have found that I love to work with these little wool felt pincushions from Just Another Button Company. I picked up the Pin Feathers that was released at the Nashville Market and actually finished it in one night. It is so incredibly easy and just adorable. Theresa (Shakespeare's Peddler) just loved it as well and thinks that it would be fun to make all kinds and colors of these. I also finished an older one called Mockingbird Hill (or was it Cardinal Hill). Anyway, it is a pyramid shaped piece that represents a grassy hill with lots of flowers blooming on it. I added a leprechaun button to make it a cute addition to my St. Patrick's Day decor. Again, fun and quick project. By the way, JABC directions are perfect and very easy to follow.

Another project that I picked up right after market was Praiseworthy Stitches Wonderfully Wicked Whimsies kit. This kit included the materials to make a needlebook, tiny pin cushion, scissor fob, pin disc, thread keeper, and slide tin. Lots of great goodies. Of course, the picture on the package is so tiny, but the kit has some cute things in it. The instructions for the kit are not that great, but I was able to figure most everything out. After lots of bad words, sticky fingers and recutting of materials, I finished everything. I had purchased the scissors last year, so my set is complete. I changed a few things. The thread keep originally had a key ring but I keep my threads on drops so I changed it to a binding ring that easily opens and closes. Also, the tiny pincushion was a total pain. The ribbon around the top wouldn't lay correctly, so I went through my scrapbooking stash and found this funny eyelash trim that I think looks great. I did make lots of mistakes, including leaving off the orange ribbon that keeps the needlebook closed, but I think this will just be for display anyway.

By the way, guess what I had the pleasure doing this week. I spent two days helping out at Theresa's shop, Shakespeare's Peddler. She is always super busy after market, so I offered to be her assistant. I spent most of my time packaging her wonderful designs. Also, I organized a bit and then helped her pack lots and lots of orders. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Theresa, you should check out her web page (the link is in the right hand column). She is so nice. I have had the best time helping her and seeing how things run at her shop. She is extremely fast and extremely patient.