Saturday, April 30, 2011

Update on projects

So, I have been less productive this month than I had hoped, but I did finish two of the WIPs from my list. This week's finish was LHN Sunflower Inn. The house was a bit time consuming, but overall it was a very enjoyable stitch.

I am working on several projects that are series this year (BBD Anniversaries of the Heart, EM Sampler book, BC Christmas Mantle and Halloween Branch). These have actually made my progress seem slower than I had hoped. I listed these as single projects, when they are actually multiple projects on one piece of fabric. I think that if I can get through one (maybe the BC Christmas Mantle) I will feel like I am making progress. That's my goal this month.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dream JOB!!!

I have had the most fun this past month helping out at Shakespeare's Peddler, Theresa Venette's needlework shop. Most of you are probably familiar with Theresa through her amazing designs (Raise the Roof and Shakespeare's Peddler). She is an amazing designer and great friend. After market, she was extremely busy, so I offered to help out. Fortunately for me, she accepted the offer.

Let me tell you, she is a busy woman. But, she is always so positive. Every time the phone rings, she answers with this happy voice, "Shakespeare's Peddler, this is Theresa!" She is so nice to her customers. She answers lots of questions about fabric choice and stitching techniques. She actually is a great role model on how to make the world a better place by just being nice to everyone. And after hanging up the phone, you will often hear her say, "I have the nicest customers!" I have to admit that she has been an inspiration to me and I have been a much more positive person because of her friendship. My younger sister, Bridget, feels the same way. Can you tell that we just love Theresa?

If you are like me, it is so much fun just to be surrounded by all of the wonderful threads and patterns and fabric. Theresa's store is jammed packed with lots of great goodies. We have packed A LOT of orders over the past few weeks and I just know those lucky customers are smiling when they receive them. Who wouldn't love a package of stitching stash!!

If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting Theresa's online shop, do so. She is wonderful.

Now, I have also been stitching some at home. Unfortunately, my day job has really been crazy. I have a lot of students this semester and we are in the "crunch time" on the revision of one of the textbooks, so my stitching has not been that impressive. I did finish the Green Flip Its series from Lizzie Kate. I am going to frame this and hang it in my office. Very appropriate for a Ph.D. in biology to have hanging in the office. Also, I just finished "I Love the Birds" (a Theresa design). It is so pretty. I stitched it on 40 ct. so it is very small and delicate. Once I finish stretching it, I can order the frame and this one may also end up in my office.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying the Spring weather. We have had some very pretty days mixed with some very stormy days lately. But overall, it has been a very nice Spring. I think I will spend the rest of today visiting with family and stitching. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!