Monday, January 20, 2014

First, some cuteness and then some progress

We built our new home on my family's farm.  Our family owns a nice size farm is South Mississippi. About 2 years ago, my parents deeded each of the five children our portion.  Our portion is in the center, with my younger brother to the south of us, my older sister to the north, and my other siblings to the west.  My father raises cattle and has a small flock of chickens and my younger brother and his wife have a herd of sheep.  Well, these sheep are stubborn and graze wherever they want, which sometimes means my yard.  Yesterday, they all came for an unannounced visit (how rude!).  Normally, this drives us crazy, but there are lambs in the herd now.  Cute, cuddly, sweet lambs!!  This little guy is very sweet and friendly.  He comes to the back door wanted to visit.  His mother didn't accept him immediately, so he has been bottle-fed and gets to sleep inside with the dogs (yes, the dogs.  They love him!)  I can't tell you just how sweet and cuddly he is.  Just look at that little face!! (The other handsome one is my husband, Hobbie.)

Now, the rest of this post will not be as cute, but I do want to share my progress on current projects.  Last night I completed the third part of CCN Santa's Village North Pole Post Office.  I love this series.  The colors are so bright.  I only have the first 4 parts of the series, so after the next part, I will put it away until next year when I can purchase the remainder of the patterns.  (Remember, my resolution was to only stitch from stash this year.)

The other two projects are Shakespeare's Peddler Ann Womack and Jeannette Douglas Designs Acorn Stitches.  I am really enjoying both of these.  Ann Womack is just beautiful.  I have completed a good portion of the eyelet alphabet, which is so much fun to stitch.  I am working on this pattern one page at a time.  I am almost finished with the first of four pages.  So exciting!  Acorn Stitches is actually moving pretty quickly.  If I continue to stitch at this pace, I estimate that I will finish in a couple of weeks.  The colors on this one are beautiful.

Well, I have a lot of cleaning to do today, so I had better get started.  Have a great week.


Clarkey said...

Hey, the stitching is looking good. I love the Christmas Village; the colors are vibrant.

Jeanne said...

Well that little lamb is awful cute. How nice that you all have land near one antoher (given you all get along I hope!). I am just getting ready to start Santa's Village soon...collected all the patterns last year but had too many other things going. Yours looks great! Good luck on your stitch-from-stash effort.

Kay said...

Your stitching is looking great! That is great that you and your siblings have land so close to one another! Love the picture!

Jayne said...

Wow you have been busy with the stitching I really should be more motivated.

Linda said...

Love all your stitching projects Jen. That little lamb is adorable.


Marie said...

I hope that you are enjoying your new home. It must be so nice to live in an area so close to your family members, such a blessing.
i love the little lamb and would love to have that sweetie roaming my yard. :-) That really is just too cute. Ohhhh, post a pic of the dog and lamb please!
Your stitching projects are very pretty. I love the eyelet alphabet.

Shebafudge said...

Adorable stitching, adorable lamb and a lovely looking hubby ;)

How lovely that your parents gave you all the land now and that you can all live near each other.