Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tucker's Dinosaur Pillow

I finished the pillow I was making for my nephew, Tucker. I used a really cute green fabric that matches the stitched dinosaur perfectly. I think it is really cute. He likes it also. I had taken it out to my Mom and Dad's house on Sunday to give to him, but he didn't come over that day. So, I left it anyway to give to him later in the week. (My boys ride the bus to their grandparents house everyday and I pick them up after work. Both of my nephews spend the day with the grandparents while their parents work.) Anyway, he found the pillow yesterday and was very happy with it. He loves pillows, no matter how small.


Sandy said...

Great pillow, love the color and such a cutie. You did a great job. :D Hope you're feeling better.

Marie-P said...

Your pillow is cute...AND Tucker is adorable!