Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Several finishes and some progress photos to share...

So, I am just lame at updating my blog. Sorry, but I do have some great updates. First, I finished a couple of Halloween/Fall patterns that I got from Shakespeare's Peddler this summer. She was running a clearance sale and I picked up the following two patterns. I really like the moon pattern. The Fall Fling piece will be finished as a pinkeep. (Sorry, I didn't rotate the picture before I uploaded it.)

This past weekend we had a girls' day of sorts. This is a picture of me and my youngest nephew Leif (he came to visit for a while at the end of the day). My younger sister wanted to organize a scrapbooking day for several of our friends and in the process raise money for the church. Though we only had 6 people attend the event, it was a lot of fun. We started with scrapbooking. I'm not as excited as scrapbooking as I was in the past, so it didn't take me long to change gears. We all eventually switched to stitching.

Now, I am so excited about these next two projects. I started L'automne d'Anna a while ago, but have made quite a bit of progress this week. The piece reminds me of a child's coloring book page. It is also a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but I really like the colors.

Have you seen Theresa's new Jenny Bean samplers? She released the Halloween sampler at market and just finished the Christmas samplers. I love these. I started the Halloween sampler yesterday. I am stitching on it while I watch Ghost Whisperer each night. Hopefully I can finish it by Halloween. This one is a lot of fun to stitch because of the variety. The letters are not all the same style, so it doesn't get boring. You check out the Christmas sampler at Theresa's blog. I can't wait to get it next month.


Deb said...

Two great finishes. I like both of them. I also like your other piece - and you're right, it does remind one of a children's coloring book. And I can't wait to see more progress on Jenny Bean. It's a great design.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Great little finishes, congrats and I love the autumn piece you are stitching. CJ ok;-)