Monday, November 23, 2009

Long overdue update...

I have been stitching a bit this month, but my progress is slow. First, I finished the CCN Gingerbread Cottage. I think it is really cute. This will be a present for one of my sisters.

Next, I finished LHN Two White Houses. If you are familiar with the piece you will notice that it is a bit different from the original. I was at a friend's stitching and mentioned that I didn't like the alphabet in the pattern and she suggested that I not stitch it. Can I do that? Well, yes, you absolutely can. So, I followed her suggestion. I really like this pattern and will finish it as a stand up for my Thanksgiving decorations.

Finally, I had this little piece in my stack of "to do". It was very easy and very cute. I will finish it as a pin keep.

I am still stitching on LHN Two Red Houses, Jenny Bean Halloween Sampler, and the stocking for Nicholas. I might be able to finish one of these in the next few days.

I can't believe that November is almost over and the holiday season is here. Fortunately, this year I am in a much happier mood.


Vonna said...

It is upon us quicker than Santa can lay his finger beside his nose and get down the chimney...I can't (personally) believe it is here. YIKES!
LOVE, love, LOVE all your finishes. Good going you!