Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year and New Goals...

Wow, 2010 just zoomed on by quickly, didn't it? It was a great year though. Stitching-wise, I completed over 20 projects!! I didn't complete all of my goal projects, but overall I think I was very productive this year.

Christmas was great at our house. We actually scaled back a bit this year. No major purchases, no huge electronic items. I received several stitching gifts. My husband and boys gave me 4 large pieces of 40 ct. linen, which are absolutely lovely. I also received giftcards to Shakespeare's Peddler from my parents and sister. And my friend Theresa gave me an absolutely wonderful box full of stitching things as well.

For the new year, I am modifying the current challenge of starting 15 new projects a bit. I am starting 11 new projects in the first 11 days of 2011. In addition, I have selected 11 WIPS that I will also work to complete in 2011. So, here are the lists of projects:

New Starts Challenge of 2011 (Start one a day in first 11 days of 2011 and complete before the end of the year)
1. Trousse A Tri Fils from A Mon Ami
2. Lizzie Kate Green Flips
3. The Primitive Needle Witches Hollow
4. Blackbird Designs Midnight Watch
5. Gingerbread Stitching House from Victoria Sampler
6. Shakespeare's Peddler I Love the Birds
7. Little House Needlework Winter Band Sampler
8. Little House Needlework Sunflower Inn
9. Blackbird Designs Rose Garden
10. Lizzie Kate Snowman '10
11. Blue Ribbon Designs Peppermint Twist

2011 WIP challenge (complete these by the end of the year)
1. Lizzie Kate ABC Christmas (finished yesterday)
2. Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart series
3. Blue Ribbon Designs Afraid of the Dark
4. Cherished Stitches A Quaker Halloween Sampler
5. Bent Creek Halloween The Branch
6. Bent Creek The Christmas Mantle
7. Erica Michael's Sampler Book
8. Leisure Arts Mistletoe Ball
9. A Quaker Christmas
10. Blue Ribbon Designs Autumn Leaves and Sunflower Seeds
11. My very own design!

I started yesterday and actually finished the LK ABC Christmas. I only had the last line to do, but it was still a WIP and finished in 2011.

Here is my very small bit of progress on Trousse A Tri Fils and my cute little baby, Elizabeth.

Hope everyone has a great 2011! Thanks for stopping by.


Lisha said...

Love the ABC Christmas. You can so make all those goals. Very doable. Get on it!