Monday, February 04, 2013

It's February!!

Wow!  It's already the second month of 2013.  I love February.  First, my birthday is in February.  Also, my first son was born in February.  And, because we live so close to New Orleans, we have Mardi Gras holiday in February.  Plus, who can forget Valentine's Day!  So, it is just a great month!  Well, this February 1st, I finished Stacy Nash Primitive's Christmas at Hollyberry Farms.  Isn't it beautiful!! I am so happy with this finish and can't wait to have it framed.  This was a lot of work, but oh so worth it.

 Now, I am stitching on some smaller projects.  First up is Tournicoton Allons compter violettes.  I love violets.  One of my very first memories after moving to Mississippi in 1976 was picking wild violets on the hillside behind our home with my younger brother and mother.  I am happy to say that we will be building a new home on the same property this year.  I can't wait to walk around in my back yard and pick these same flowers again with my kids, nephews and niece.   Love that family tradition.

I am also working on Chessie and Me's Scarlet's Summer Sampler.  This is so cute.  I worked on it some yesterday and really like stitching this one.

And finally, I am working on Plum Street Samplers' Maxim & Zoya.  I started this last year and got distracted with other projects.  I love the birds, so I can't wait to finish this one.

Well, thanks for stopping by.  Things are always busy around the Regan house, but February is especially crazy.  We have lots of birthdays to celebrate plus my husband just informed me today that I am going with him on a short trip to New Orleans later in the month.  That should be fun.


Mama Joan said...

Nice finish on Christmas at Hollyberry Farms. I am stitching it for a shop model right now. It is a lot of work but it is a very nice piece.

Sharon said...

Such great projects you are working on. Congrats on your fabulous finish! Love it.

Daniela said...

Hollyberry Farm looks wonderful. It a very beautiful design. As well are all your projects in progress. I can't wait to see more of them.

Deborah said...

The Stacy Nash piece came out beautifully! Can't wait to see it framed.

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Congrats on your beautiful finish it's lovely. And so many pretty starts I look forward to seeing them progress. CJ in OK

Ranae said...

Beautiful finish,
I have this kitted and just waiting to finish a few before I start it
Other super nice WIP's