Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So, we are in the third week of February already!  The days are flying by.  February is a busy birthday month for our family.  Two of my nephews (Tyler and Leif) turned 4 this month.  My son, Patrick, turned 18 (I am not taking that very well, by the way), and I got a year older.  So we have had birthday cake every weekend so far and will have another one this Sunday at our weekly family dinner on the farm.

I have also made some great progress in my stitching.  This weekend, I completed two of the three projects in my rotation.  First, I finished Plum Street Samplers Maxim and Zoya.  I have developed a thing for peacocks these past few years, and this pair was just too cute.  I will finish this as the top of a wooden box.  I need to pick up just the right shade of peacock blue, but can't wait to work on that one. Yesterday, I finished Chessie & Me's Scarlet's Summer House Sampler.  I absolutely loved stitching this one, even with the over-one alphabet.  It is so cute. I think I will finish this on a wooden plaque, similar to the suggestion in the pattern.

My new rotation includes a Jeannette Douglas piece.  I love her samplers and have completed two (Pomegranate and Pears and Pineapple).  Over the past few years I have collected several more, including the thread packs.  So today I will start the Vintage Stitches sampler.  I am really excited about that one because of all the beautiful purples and greens.  In addition, I am continuing to work on the Tournicoton piece, which is more time consuming than I had expected, and With Thy Needle and Threads' March Word Play.

I hope everyone has a great week!



Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Oh, I love your peacocks Jen! Your son turned 18...oh yowza! I didn't realize he was that old...times flies!

Linda said...

Congrats of the finishes Jen. They are both really pretty.


CJ in OK ;-) said...

Such pretty finishes, congrats. I have that peacock pattern too and may have to stitch it soonafter seeing yours. CJ in OK

Carol said...

Oh, I love both of these, Jen!! I just bought the Chessie & Me chart and after seeing your finish, I'm moving it up on my "must-stitch" list :)

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishes Jen!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful work Jen - Maxim & Zoya is a favorite piece of mine and your Chessie & Me piece is lovely as well. Congrats on two amazing finishes!