Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have been so busy over the past few weeks. I have two new nephews, Tyler and Leif. They are both so cute and both doing well, as are their mothers. Also, my son's band performed at Disney World on Friday the 13th and I was lucky enough to be a chaperone. The kids' performance was wonderful. I am extremely impressed with this young group. There is so much talent and potential there. We had a wonderful time on the trip.

Now, on to stitching news. I have received three great exchanges in the past week. First, my Lizzie Kate exchange from Mercy arrived. She was very concerned that it was late, but boy what an exchange. She completed a box and did an absolutely wonderful job. It is perfect. The fabric she selected was perfect for the pattern she stitched. She was extremely generous also by stuffing the box full of wonderful goodies. I took the box to our stitching group and everyone was very impressed. Thank you so much Mercy. I love the exchange. (By the way, Mercy also sent a big bag of Raspberry Hugs, but they didn't make it to the picture.)

Next, I received squares from both the Winter Round and Round #11 from the Fair and Square Friendship Exchange. Jill sent me a pair of really cute snowman themed squares for the Winter Round and Kaye sent me a wintery themed square for Round #11. I love both pairs of squares and will finish these as pinkeeps. I mailed their squares yesterday and will post pictures once the squares are received.

Finally, February is my birthday month. My husband was trying to get a copy of the Benjamin Button movie poster for me. I really, really want that poster, but he was not able to find one. So, I went to Shakespeare's Peddler and bought a few of the new patterns she brought back from market. I love the new Lizzie Kate alphabet and can't wait to stitch it.

Thanks for stopping by. I have been so busy with writing lately I haven't had a chance to visit many blogs. Hopefully, things will slow down a bit after this week though.


Vonna said...

Look at you! You're the receiver of Mercy's box...its spectacular isn't it? I saw it earlier on her blog. Lovely! Lucky you! I also love your squares how pretty!
I have lots of new stuff coming to a mailbox near me soon too :o)

reneexstitch said...

Hey Jen,

I really like the snowmen you stitched for Jill in the F&S Winter Round. I would like to find that chart. Who is the designer?

Renee K. rkennedy18@sc.rr.com