Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's my birthday!!!

This post has nothing to do with stitching. I just wanted to show off the cake my younger sister made for me. This is her second attempt at decorating a cake with fondant. I am totally impressed. She did a fabulous job. The sign doesn't make sense unless you are familiar with the Facebook game, Cafe World. We all play the game and that was her inspiration. I just have to say this is the sweetest thing. I can't believe she did this. Thank you, Bridget.

My birthday gets even better. My friend Lisha took me out for lunch today also. We went to the new Greek restaurant in Hattiesburg and it was delicious. Thank you, Lisha.

And, my brother Ricky and cousin Kevin came over today and installed a new back door for me. What great guys.

I am very blessed with wonderful family and friends. I do appreciate all of you. Thanks for making this such a great birthday.


BeckySC said...

((((((((HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN)))))))))
What a FUN cake :)

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Jen! Hope you had a great day!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday!

Vonna said...

THAT is darling! Happy Birthday JEN!!!