Friday, February 19, 2010

Updates and a couple of new starts...

Well, I have been stitching, but I don't feel like I am accomplishing as much as I did in January. It may be that I don't have as much free time, but I'm not sure. I have been doing pretty well onmy goals. I finished the Jenny Bean Christmas Sampler and have stitched on the Quaker Christmas. I just don't think I will finish the Halloween Fairy by the end of the month. But, who knows.

So without further ado, here are some pictures of my progress

Last weekend we all met at Lisha's for a stitching day. Sharon and Bridget arrived a little later than I did, but we still had a lot of fun stitching. Theresa and her mother came to visit for a bit, but they had a Mardi Gras Party to attend. I stitched a bit on the Quaker Christmas. I think this is going to be very pretty when I finish it, but I really need to spend more time on it.

I have also been working on the Nora Corbett Halloween Fairy. I decided to go ahead and add the beads as I stitched. It is going to be beautiful! I just might be able to finish her before the end of the month. (Keep your fingers crossed.)

I also started part 3 on Raise the Roof Christmasland. This is such an easy stitch. I love the silks and can't wait to finish this and have it framed. Theresa is releasing another series called Libertyville. You can see it on her webpage. I love it, too, especially the motifs in the hill.

Next up is a new start. This is Yule Game Board from The Primitive Needle. I worked on this Wednesday while Hobbie was having hip surgery. It is very easy and is stitching up quickly.

And finally, I also started Blackbird Designs Awake the Dawning Day. I love the colors in this one. Very cute.

As most of you know, this weekend in the Nashville market. Theresa has been working very hard and has some wonderful designs that she will be releasing. I was joking with her that I would be stitching like a mad woman this weekend to make room for all the lovely things she will be bringing home from market. I can't wait to see what other designers have released and will be making my new wishlist soon. I just love the excitement of market. I do know that Jenny Bean's newest sampler will be at the top of my list.


Chiloe said...

Oh la la !!! lots of lovely progress pictures ;-)

Deb said...

My goodness do you have some great pieces going. Lots of progress made too! Can't wait to see more!